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Selected consulting experience
  • Improving Commercial model for Residential segment for major Czech telco - with Europraxis
  • Design of Sales and Care Model for SMB and SOHO segments for major Czech telco - with Europraxis
  • Business Planning & Strategy for a leading Ugandan telco - with Mombaur McCabe
  • Continuous improvement for a leading Czech coal mining company - with Partners in Performance
  • Machine-to-machine strategy - with Comaco Group
  • Mobile multimedia strategy for leading Hungarian telco - with Lexagon Group
  • Strategic sourcing project for major Czech fixed and mobile telco operator - with BCG
  • Salesforce reorganization for Czech mobile telco operator - with BCG
  • Strategic analysis for a major CEE bank - with BCG
  • Loyalty program design project for major Czech bank - with BCG
  • Payment cards project for major Czech bank - with BCG
  • Cash management optimization project for a major Slovak bank - with BCG
  • Financial health and turnaround for telco HW distributor
  • Market analysis of telco markets of New Zealand and Australia
  • Sales Strategy for Czech media agency
  • Business Projecting for a Czech sport club
  • Translated Phillip Kotler, John Caslione - Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence
  • Co-translated Ron Finklestein - 49 Marketing Secrets to Grow Sales
  • Co-translated Phillip Kotler - Marketing Management: 12th Edition
  • Consulted on translation of P. Kotler, G. Armstrong - Principles of Marketing and P. Kotler - Marketing Management: Millenium Edition
  • Translated Nirmalya Kumar: Marketing As Strategy, David Phillip - Online PR
  • Translated Leigh Branham: 7 Hidden Reasons Why Employees Leave
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